Friday, July 16, 2010

The Future of Libraries, The Movie!

Early in this blog, I wrote about the future of libraries where librarians use a rectal, temperature-based search tool called The Gerbil to assist library patrons with their catalog searching. I thought, and continue to think, that it's one of my greatest contributions to the world of library research.

I begged anyone out there in any of the internets to produce some live action dramatization of my one-scene mini play. But there have been no takers.

But today I found that I can make an animated movie simply by pasting some text into little boxes at

I first made the video with characters that looked more like I imagined them, but when I found out that it would cost me as much as $5.00 to use them, I changed back to the default, free characters.

So, here is my own production of "The Future of Libraries, a pain in the..."

If you see nothing, just click somewhere down there anyway and it should play... or click here for the link to the xtranormal page...