Saturday, July 17, 2010

The UnPublic Library

Fifty years ago, the Rev. Jesse Jackson was a college student who wanted to use a public library.

[O]n July 16, 1960, Jackson staged a sit-in at the whites-only central library with seven other students: Margaree Seawright Crosby, Joan Mattison Daniel, Benjamin Downs, Elaine Means, Deedee Dorris Wright, Hattie Smith Wright and Willie Joe Wright.

They went to the library, picked up books, took seats and started to read. Police arrived in less than 20 minutes and arrested them.

Two months after the Greenville Eight were arrested, the Greenville library system was opened to all races.

...and I'm here on this blog making ass jokes.

The Greenville Eight, Chicago Tribune, July 16, 2010.