Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Are Librarians Too Sexy?

From many of the comments on the previous post, you think they are. Some of you either see yourselves as too sexy or find your coworkers to be too sexy.

I was hoping someone would declare a Sexy Librarian Day. I don't know what day. Maybe you could pick the birthday of an actor or actress who played a sexy librarian in a movie, like Rene Russo, Rachel Weisz or Noah Wyle, or use Dewey number for sex, so 3-06? And then tweet it or Facebook it or something. It's not like you have jobs.

But clearly, many of you got sex on the noggin. Is this what you think all day?
She holds that No. 2 pencil gingerly between her slender fingers. The eraser enters her mouth past her full lips while she absentmindedly nibbles on the soft pink tip. She glances up from her retro tortoise shell eyeglasses, her green eyes gaze cat-like as if she looks right through me. I feel a stiffening in my body as she draws in that deep breath which raises the swelling of her chest past the top of her open blouse. She slides the pencil out of her mouth very slowly, as if it aches to remove it. "I'm so sorry, that's out, but.." and she smiles as she says this, "I can hold it for you. I can hold it wherever you want to get it."
I can't believe that's what you think about all day. You people are sick. Get your mind out of the gutter and go weed the 005s.