Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trouble in Riverdale

Terrible news for Archie & Pals:

How budget cuts might affect the Riverdale Public Library
Wednesday, June 2,2010
Suburban Trends

RIVERDALE — The state of New Jersey is broke. Governor Chris Christie's next budget includes billions of dollars in cuts affecting every level of public services. And while the debate over school funding has ignited passionate debate and captured the most headlines, a quieter dispute is emerging over state aid to New Jersey's libraries, which will be cut by 74 percent starting June 30 if the planned budget passes. The reduction in aid will drastically affect many of the libraries in Suburban Trends' area, including the Riverdale Public Library.

[no longer RICHARD GAWEL, but me]

One of those affected most by the closings will be "Moose" Mason, Riverdale's star football playing idiot. "D-uh, that's not nice," Moose said when someone read this story to him.

Although Moose's catchphrase, "D-uh", works to his advantage at the Riverdale Public Library. When Moose requests a book by starting, "I need D-uh..", the admittedly smartass librarian interrupts with, "Dubliners?" or "Double Indemnity?" Ironically, Moose is the most well-read resident in Riverdale, for all the good it does him.