Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Comments, we get comments, part 2.

It was interesting how my comment about comments drew so many comments.

And yes, I agree, commenting is a pain in the ass. Comments are like mini-opinions, little bits our ourselves scattered around the internet. It's a test of my ability to be clever on the spot, a pop-quiz of pithiness. You think, oh, now *my* wit is being challenged. Fuck that. Even as an anonymous post, it's a mini-burden.

What I want is a dummy "Like" button that is basically a counter. I Hate that most tools like this need the person to be logged into some service before they can function. Like with the Facebook "Like" button that you can add to your blog, I "Hate" that the button requires the clicker to have a signed-in Facebook account before it does anything. It was the same with when I had the Digg and Stumbleupon buttons on this blog a while back.

So, yes, I appreciate comments, but I don't want anyone to feel obligated. I'll take it for granted that you all love me.

And speaking of love, I have a sex poll that you can answer. It's actually to collect statistics for a grant I'm seeking to place hand sanitizer stations in our libraries. If I can discover just how many of you are grabbing and rubbing each other in the Nation's libraries, I think I can squeeze some money out of Uncle Sam to a least purchase a roll of Bounty. It's the quicker picker-upper!