Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another reason Why Librarians Are Awesome.

I should call this, "Why you ebook reading bastards have killed the Hood River County Library." Because their library is going to close forever due to reduced revenue from "radically decreased timber sales." So all you non-print-buying ebook readers have killed this library!

But I don't know how timber sales in Oregon are affected by electronic publishing, so I didn't go there.

Here is what they say was happening:
The County in 2010 so far has already cut the library’s budget by 30%. Each staff position has been cut 20%. Open hours cut 40%. The book budget has essentially been reduced to zero.

The proposed district, if approved, will restore these cuts as of July 1, 2010, and ultimately provide money to grow the library collection, provide more services for young families, enhance the available technology services, and guarantee stable funding for the future.
But the voters didn't pass the district measure. A quick check for properties in that area shows that many houses are in the $400,000 range, so maybe the poor folks couldn't afford the $220 a year it would cost (my guess) to keep their libraries open. But now the three libraries will close on July 1st.

So here is what makes the Hood River County librarians awesome: "Although the Library is closing July 1st, there’s still lots of Summer Reading fun to be had in June. Stop in and receive a free book if you pledge to continue reading all summer. Story times will continue through June 30th."

Yes, the same June 30th that is the day before they close all the libraries. So I can't believe that anyone would still want to, or would still be able to perform their usual library duties.

I don't know how I'd be able to do my "Itsy Bitsy Story Time" on June 30th with my sore throat... from shouting at every person I met, "You didn't vote for the library, F**K YOU!!! I will burn down your f**king four-hundred-thousand dollar houses, you motherf**kers!" (edited for the children.)

Or maybe I could save my voice from getting hoarse if I could get the bumper stickers printed up fast enough. That should keep me rested up for all the kiddies.

How many stickers should I put you down for?