Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rolling Stone Keith Richards wanted to be a librarian - big effing deal.

According to a story in the Daily Mail, Richards "consider[ed] 'professional training' to manage his vast collection of books," but gave up "on the idea because it was 'too much hassle.'"

Oh, it's easy to say you "wanted to be a librarian." But it's another thing to do it and live the life. Sure, it's easy to choose the path of a rock-n-roll star, doing heroin and sleeping with supermodels, but the life of dusty book allergies and hand-sanitizer abuse is not for the weak.

All this is revealed as Richards works on a new autobiography. "'I’m trying to remember things,' says Richards, 'which is very difficult.'" In fact, after he thought about it longer, it wasn't a librarian he wanted to be, it was "Fabian, ...or was it a comedian? Wait, maybe it was a Trinidadian... bloody hell."