Saturday, October 11, 2008

Where do you poo?

In response to sites like MizPee, a general bathroom rating site, and Diaroogle, NYC area only, we at the.effing.librarian have created YaPoo!, a site specifically designed for evaluating and recommending public restroom facilities located in public libraries.

YAPOO! The library toilet search engine.

So far, YaPoo! is only for locating clean bathrooms in North American public libraries, not college and university library bathrooms, because, oh, God, is that even possible?

We hope we can find volunteers to begin evaluating the pooping facilities in other countries. Unless you foreign people don't care where you poop, in which case I will post those countries here as a warning to traveling library users: fyi, Belgium says they don't care.

[original story here.]
And yes, I am kidding, again. And we love Belgium, don't we, guys.