Thursday, October 9, 2008

"...not so much."

the.effing.librarian loves being blogged about. Once, the.effing.librarian had a Technorati Authority of 51 and we expected that number to keep going up. But when people realize that we (I) really have nothing to offer, they stop mentioning us in conversation, and worse, discontinue linking.

Here is the latest mention that I have to agree with, that seems to sum up everything I've ever done or will ever do: When asked for blog recommendations at librarygrrls, the.effing.librarian was suggested with this caveat, "Here's a few...some of them are informative, and some, uh, not so much... "

Thanks, librarygrrl28 for that vote of confidence.

I guess I have to accept that I'm not a popular girl. Or a pretty girl. For Halloween, I should stop dressing up like Karen Black in Airport '75 and start dressing up as Karen Black in House of 1000 Corpses or Trilogy of Terror, remember at the end when she gets possessed by the African warrior spirit?

And on the topic of "not pretty," librarygrrl28 recommended a blog called Radical Reference that has got to be one of the ugliest blogs I've seen in a while. Really hideous color contrasts, not shocking, just an ugly orgy of grape, lime and orange. (And you know what happened to these guys when they had their last grape, lime and orange orgy...)