Friday, October 3, 2008

Pointless ego search

So if you put the word librarian into the googly, you get (09:22 am EST) 25,100,000 hits.

So what if you put your blogging ID into a search and divide the two? Does this tell you how much of the (English speaking) library-relevant Internet space you occupy?

When I just did me, I came up with .049% which doesn't mean anything to my math-confused brain, but what if you came up with 1 percent or more? Would you feel cocky and special? If your blogging identity has the potential to show up in one percent of any random search for librarian, does that mean you're successful as a librarian blogger?

How do you measure your success as a blogger? If you do measure it? Really? You don't measure it at all? Wow, I'm a petty, insecure bastard.

I'm guessing that most (normal) people use blogging to keep in touch with friends, to let them know what goofy shit is going on in their lives. But what if, like the.effing.librarian, you have no friends? Except for your mother, who read you blog one time and was so horrified that she attempted to exorcise the demons from the computer by pouring holy water (yes, all Catholic mothers have holy water in the house, just ask) on the monitor which caught fire and burned her favorite La-Z-Boy recliner so now her whole house smells like a NASCAR racing pit, and now the family can't have Thanksgiving dinner there so we're all going to the IHOP for chicken-fried turkey and runny mashed potatoes?

(Just kidding about the IHOP menu; I'm sure they provide excellent food and create jobs that keep people employed, especially during this period when each of us worries about our employment futures.)

So if you want to pursue this pointless ego search and like me, can't do math, click here and plug in your numbers. And if you are one percent or more of the online librarian world, really, who cares?