Friday, October 3, 2008

What the hell did I just buy??????

It looks like this is a "petite petite [pu] [chi] sprouting character" toy.

I bought four of these, in blue, black, red and pink. If you can read Japanese and not just open this page in Babelfish, please tell me what these are.

The Babelfish translations--

"Childhood friend (blue):
It is the girl we love cooking and 100 Yen shop round.
Care favorite character is done e.g., worth worth it does the childhood friend which lives in next door and [ku] everyday goes to causing.
Being poor the human being packed and noise, becoming panic often .......
Future dream “the wife” has yearned secretly from time of the elementary school student."

"Made or Maid (black):
The made learning of the residence where the parents work with living in.
Main business is the university student, but it does made with helping.
The housekeeping being proud, also character is my pace, but there is a part which has passed through to seem, it seems that the failure is many.
It has the hobby where [haniwa] changes from love a little."

"[tsundere] (red):
The girl a little we are poor to speak with opposite sex.
When speaking with the consequence or the boy of the classmate, it becomes by any means strong tone tend.
Furthermore when spirit is attached, it produces the hand and the foot.
Favorite the picture book, drawing by your, you think as like, but because we would not like you to know that you have drawn studying stealthily, it increases."

"The potato it is uninformed (pink):
Mother and two human living.
Like the actual older brother you yearn the older brother who lives in next door.
We are poor company because, it hides in rear of the older brother tend.
It is the girl we love the animal with the spoilt child."

I have 4 of these!!!