Thursday, October 2, 2008

I still haven't grasped the nuances of blogging.

I notice that most bloggers use their comments to have actual conversations with their guests; and I don't seem to be that sort of clever host.

In the real world, I'm not a bad host. I usually have some Cokes in the fridge and some Cheez-Its or crackers or something around to eat. And right now there's a half bottle of Glenmorangie, three-quarters of a large bottle of Cutty Sark and a full 1.75 liter bottle of Jim Beam in the kitchen. There are two really dusty bottles of Australian Shiraz on the shelf (yes, on their sides) getting older and dustier because I don't usually drink wine.

The bathroom is relatively clean and there's a clean towel if you need to wash. There's toilet paper and an unopened toothbrush if you need to stay the night.

But this blog thing eludes me. When I post something, I usually think that's the end. I don't go back to comment on comments left by you.

And I guess that's wrong. I continue to see these long conversations go on at other blogs between the host and guests I suspect that's what makes those other blogs so popular.

I'd like to be popular.

But I really don't want to work at it. What can I not have to do that will still bring me popularity? How can I become popular by doing absolutely nothing?

Oh, question: Has anyone ever held an "anonymous bloggers" party at any national library-related convention? Have you ever been to one? If you were at ALA and saw that someone was holding an anonymous blogger party in their hotel room, would you show up? Would you sign the guest book as anonymous and stay and have a drink? Even if it was a glass of extremely old Shiraz?

Just asking.