Thursday, August 16, 2007

This is redunkulous

Why is it any good news about librarians is countered with this goofy image?

This poor thing accompanies an articled titled, Jobs That Pay $25/Hour. So why is it that she needs to be the most comical version of a librarian when each of the other professions looks pretty normal? Even the "Senior Bricklayer" who "Lays and stacks bricks neatly in order to build walls and various structures" looks like a normal dude. Come on, his job description sounds like every level worker up to senior bricklayer just throws bricks and mortar wherever he wants and occasionally seals up infants inside the walls.

This girl is pretty, but look at that hair (?). And glasses. And frumpy Bess Truman ensemble. She doesn't have earrings, nail polish, or even an engagement ring on her sad, newspaper-clipping hand. And really, does she need to be posed in the prime shooshing position? Is she a clown? Does she amuse you?

This is just a symbol of the general lack of respect the profession has. Hell, even the Mammography Technologist who mashes your boob past the point of forgiveness gets better treatment.

I think the media equate "librarian" with "housewife," so it's a surprise that we make any money at all. "A librarian, you say? Why, you must live the life of Reilly reading all day and eating bon-bons. It must be a joy when your husband and breadwinner returns home so that you can let him know how grateful you are for this lovely house by preparing for him a suckling goose. What? You microwave popcorn? You monster!" You get the picture.

Unfortunately, to everyone, we are the freakin picture.