Thursday, May 24, 2007

Librarians have no sense of humor

Here is what happens when I try to say something funny at the library:

"Oh, man, I was attacked by girl scouts in the parking lot today. They were like little
ninjas swarming all around me waving their cardboard boxes like tiny sai and demanding, 'buy
my cookies. Buy my cookies.' I couldn't get away. 'Okay, I said. I'll buy your five
dollar a box, chocolate-covered hydrogenated myocardial infarctions...'"

[Coworker blinks. Cricket noises are heard.]

Or maybe not that, but pretend I said something truly funny. Here is what the librarian thinks:
These words appear to be expressed as a joke; I must access the pleasure center of my
Cheesecake other cat...You've Got other other
cat...oh, okay, humor!

This is how you tell a joke to a librarian:" Excuse me; I am about to tell a joke. Ready? My cat did the funniest thing today..."

Thank you. Thank you very much. I'll be back at 7:30. Try the veal cutlet.