Friday, June 1, 2007

Do we love our Dewey system? Yes, we do, we do, we do.

Omyfreakinggod! What are these people thinking? This library in Arizona will not be using the Dewey system to shelve their books!

The demise of the century-old Dewey Decimal system is overdue, county
librarians say: It's just too confusing for people to hunt down books using
those long strings of numbers and letters.

Too confusing???? Have you ever been to one of those giant-damn-bookstores? I can't ever find anything in there, so I order everything online. Yes, I browse, but I CAN NEVER FIND WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR. There is a huge difference. The motivation behind browsing is to encourage impulse buying. I don't have time for impulses. I got shit to do and I need the answer now.

Maybe this will help with their circulation for people who want to wander around and look at stuff, but it will never help with anyone ever finding anything ever again.

Let's say Google is sucessful in convincing every publisher to digitize everything published; then I do my Google search and discover that the recipe for mole rat with raspberry glace is in a book somewhere in the recipe area. I can see a picture of the cover of the book on Google, but that still won't help me to find the recipe in all the 1,200 books in the section. So my mole rat will have to wait in the freezer until I can find the recipe someplace else.

I guess this is what happens when you make up your mind to destroy your profession; let's make ourselves look as stupid as possible while we poke around in the stacks not finding answers. Thanks for nothing Arizona.

(hmmm...maybe I'm being too harsh on them. after all, change is good. and who better to guide us than businesses we essentially compete with and in whose interest it is for us to fail at copying what they do. so no. i'm not being too harsh. i didn't think we were in the business of encouraging people to be less smart.)