Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tongue slip causes furor.

Don't mind the headline, I just wanted to use those words. But here is something from Volusia county, FL (home of Daytona Beach, of drunken college boys and wet tee-shirt contests fame): "Want porn? Ask the librarian."

Under a new porn policy,
"a patron will have to request permission in writing to access a blocked Web site 'for bona fide research, or to enable access to another for another lawful purpose.'
Also, librarians may take up to 72 hours to respond to a request."
But that's not the part of the story that has commenters upset; here is the good part:
She [Director Lucinda Colee] said the county could save approximately $200,000 a year by stopping the practice [of reserving DVDs], noting the amount equals the wages of four employees.
$200,000 for 4 employees. Yes, that's in American dollars. Fifty thousand of them per.

Here are the best comments from the totally pissed off:
Wowpa says, "$200,000 for the wages of four employees? What? How do I get a $50,000 sit on my backside job with the library?"

And Pita replies (typos untouched by me), "Understand, I am in know way belittling payed library employees, quite the contrary I admire their abilitiy to be able to put themselves into positions to enjoy such a backside intensive jobs."
Now, I understand that's a rounded up figure that includes health and paid leave benefits. So each of those hypothetical librarians would probably make around $34,000 a year. But that $50,000 number should travel. If you want to see applications for library school triple in 2010, just let everyone think that they can make 50k right out of college.

But this article gives me lots of new information:
A total of 246,171 reservations for entertainment DVDs were handled by the county during 2009. Each transaction costs about 92 cents, Colee said.
How much do I make for each of my daily repetitive mundane tasks? Like reserving a DVD: 92 cents for maybe 2 minutes work. Which equals about $28 per hour. Which is, dammit, over $50,000 a year! For checking out books! Hey, how do I get one of those jobs? Why did I go to library school?