Thursday, November 5, 2009

Google through History.

Most people don't realize that Google started in the search business many years ago, even before the Internet. Here now, is an early article on how Google does its magic:

Yes, this is just some bullshit that I made up. As usual.

So I wanted to make a Steampunk version of Google, you know, with an ornate metal mail slot that said Google, on the front of a wooden door with metal gears and stuff visible behind. Maybe some large metal tubes. And then a messenger appears with a parchment sheet full of handwritten search results.

But I couldn't find the images I wanted and I got lazy and gave up. (This Googol image was originally posted here.)

And then I found a different set of images and made something else. Not Steampunk, but still funny (to me).

So this is my fake historical Google news article. Stolen from here. Yes, I am a thieving bastard.