Monday, October 19, 2009

Library blog?

I wish this were a library blog. I wish I could remain focused and refrain from posting about "wieners" and "farts."

But I never wanted to write a library blog. I just want to write about crap that amuses me.

And I'm only a librarian because my skills led me here. If I knew that my talents would make me a good kangaroo poacher or Republican Senator, then that's what I would be.

But I can find shit real good. I'm a searcher and a finder, a hunter-gatherer. I'm good with print and electronic tools and I can present my findings clearly to assist others.

But I'm not organized. So this blog is a mess. And that's why I will never be voted as one of the LISNews Favorite Blogs of the Year.

No, I'm not asking you to nominate me. I tried that in 2007 and you took my Crown of Awesome away for 30 days.

I'm just saying, it ain't gonna happen for me. Just in case you're one of the few who think it should.