Friday, July 3, 2009

Library Thriller

Okay. I'll play along and link to a Michael Jackson-related video. This is from the 2008 National Library of Australia staff Christmas party. It must be nice to work in a place that has six new matching book carts.
  • One of our book carts is so old, the wheels are made of wood.
  • One of our carts is so old, it was used to haul away victims of the Black Death.
  • It's so old that when Johannes Gutenberg gave it to us, he said that as soon as he invents a way to mass produce books, he'd want it back.
  • It's so old that the first time it won a "pimp my bookcart" contest, the contest was called "cuckold thy book cart."
(I said it was old.)

Okay, here's the video: