Friday, July 3, 2009

Where are all the bogus Michael Jackson wills?

There are the stories about Elvis giving away Cadillacs to strangers. Celebrities give gold watches to fans. But where are the crazy stories about Michael Jackson signing away pieces of his wealth?

I'm looking for a story where Michael goes into a convenience store for a bag of chips and a soda, but forgets his wallet at home, so he signs over part of a Beatles' song to the store clerk on the back of a brown paper bag as payment:

To Whom It May Concern,
I, Michael Jackson, King of Pop, do hereby assign twenty percent (20%) ownership in the future publishing rights to The Beatles' song titled "Good Morning Good Morning" to Lxxxxx Pxxxxxxxxx on this date, 7/23/2004, in exchange for one 6.3-ounce bag of Cool Ranch flavor Doritos and one 20-ounce bottle of Diet Mountain Dew Code Red soda.

Michael Jackson (MJ)

Harvey Sxxxxx, a customer

But don't try to copy this one; I've just submitted it myself through my attorneys.