Sunday, June 14, 2009

the.effing.librarian is BACK, baby!

Yeah, what do you care.

All the excuses I have for quitting the blog are still here, but I need some outlet for... you know, stuff. There is so much going on in the library world and there are few avenues to comment: I have my twitter account, but limiting my thoughts to 140 characters isn't fun. Sure, you can still be clever on twitter, but it's not really worth the effort. Most twittererers just retweet or point to other links anyway. Movie stars might be worth following, but I'm not following one of them until they follow me first. "Some of the movies you guys make really suck, so you owe me."

Speaking of sucking, one of the reasons I'd like to come back is that someone said that the.effing.librarian sucks. Yeah, can you believe it?
(yeah, why did it take so long for anyone to notice?)

But I was mildly affronted. And since it happened on the Annoyed Librarian's blog, I felt like I didn't have any real place to defend myself. Whereas, on my own blog, when someone says I suck, I can fight back by deleting the message, crying, and then eating a whole package of Oreos. And then crying some more.

And it was weird to have some random person just strike out to say I suck at some neutral location on the web and not here or at LISNews where I do all my sucking. I've only been told I suck about two-thousand four-hundred and twelve times in my life, but this time really hurt.

So, I'm going to continue blogging. Occasionally. Like on weekends. And during my lunch break. And at night. And from my netbook at the mall. And when I'm drunk. So pretty much just like before.

Okay, I'm just kidding. I'm not back; I was just bored. Why would I come back in the summer? It's too damn hot.