Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How the.effing.librarian can save the world's economies.

I noticed yesterday that someone is selling a copy of my book, Fame and Fortune and Other F Words on Amazon for $1,999.99.
"$1,999.99 + $3.99 shipping Condition: New. Seller: empower45. Rating: 96% positive over the past 12 months (23 ratings.) 53 lifetime ratings.Shipping: In Stock. Ships from NC, United States. See Shipping Rates. See return policy. Comments: Excellent !"
That's incredible because new copies are available for ONLY $1,000. That's almost a 100% return over the original investment! Purchase this book and you can double your money!!!

So it appears that the purchase of this book is not just a waste of hard-earned money, but also a questionable financial investment since it relies entirely on one's gullibility, ignorance and greed. Who would buy a pre-owned copy when a new copy is cheaper? Books written by the.effing.librarian are available through print-on-demand publishing right now. But that also means that no copies are printed until one is ordered, so as far as being in print, there are actually only very few print copies in existence.

So it seems that maybe some shrewd investor is stockpiling works by the.effing.librarian, attempting to corner the market. Maybe he knows something about a future wood pulp shortage. Or maybe he's seen a vision of the.effing.librarian being eaten by a bear. Either way, it looks like investing in copies of my books could be a way for investors and even governments to rebuild their economic portfolios.

If each copy of my book currently in print could change hands, doubling in value with each exchange, then by the time, say, Iceland bought a copy, the book could be worth $2,097,141,514.24.

That's awesome! That could really help Iceland with their economic troubles. Imagine all the jobs this could create... umm,... yeah, I'm not really clear on that.

Now if only I could get the World Bank or the G8 to recognize this powerful global economy-rebuilding resource, we could all win. Especially me.