Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Free stuff for fools.

April Fool's Day is a great day. There are no cards to send, no presents to buy. You just do goofy shit and see if anyone believes you. So it's a day of free entertainment.

Other than reading funny websites, here are a couple of free things you can download and play with today:
  1. Free 3-D glasses that make everything look like magical. Or white. Kind of like "peril-sensitive" sunglasses, but alarmed by everything.
  2. Free origami pigeon. Whatever it says is in Chinese, but the folding part is in good old Foldglish.

See here for a list of today's Google gags.

added stuff: I wish I were smarter because there must be some CADIE gags that I don't get because I'm not a programmer. For example, on CADIE's Code page, you can get help writing code. But CADIE keeps saying that whatever you want to know is wrong and that you should try a programming language called INTERCAL. Another link later, and you end up at "Muppet Labs" reading a programming manual on INTERCAL from 1973.

The authors say INTERCAL comes from: "The full name of the compiler is 'Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym', which is, for obvious reasons, abbreviated 'INTERCAL'."

So, yeah, there must be more jokes that I'm missing because I'm a dope.