Friday, March 27, 2009

This is when the Internet freaks me out.

Go to Google and search for, the graveyard book silas vampire.

I just did that and saw a list of 21,000 results. At the top was Amazon, the second link was from Wikipedia, and the third link was me. To think that the.effing.librarian would come up just behind Wikipedia for a book that won the Newbery and has been reviewed in major newspapers across the country just defies logic.

Now I don't just do random searches to see how my blog ranks on Google, but someone who visited my site did that search to find me and I was curious to see where I ranked in the results. Like I get lots of hits from searches for giant orange head joke, and I just did that search in Google and my blog came up on top.

I don't know if Google is messing with me, like maybe they know who we are and they customize our search results to boost our egos, I don't know. That's why I'm posting this, maybe you'll do this same search and not see any link to me anywhere on the first page.

If so, then that would be spooky. It would mean Google is watching me, and us. I would mean that our search histories influence our current search results. Even if it's just for a day or two, it would mean that Google has enormous amounts of data collected about every user.

But that can't be true. Google can't be spying on us. Because that would make them..... evil. If you do one of these searches and don't find me anywhere on the first page, please don't tell me because the only thing worse than being spyed on, is finding out. prove I wasn't imaging things, here is the screenshot from the search on 3/27/2009, so there must have been a Google-glitch somewhere. As I said in the comments, there is no reason that my post on The Graveyard Book should ever appear in the top 100 results... so it what was freaky when it did: