Thursday, February 12, 2009

The $1,000.00 book.


Due to underwhelming demand, Fame and Fortune and Other F Words is now priced at $1,000!

Your eyes did not lie. That's one THOUSAND dollars. (Yes, U.S. dollars.)

If you didn't want to buy it before, you, for damn sure, wouldn't want to buy it now.

But no matter, the $1,000 edition isn't for you, anyway. The $1,000 edition is only for those who demand to pay as much as possible for ordinary items. It's for people who purchased the $1,000 iPhone app, "I Am Rich." It's for people who tip the valet $100. It's for people who floss.

So, no, the $1,000 edition of Fame and Fortune and Other F Words is not for you. I thought it was for you, so I priced it accordingly, but now I realize I was wrong. The $1,000 edition is for people who absolutely need to spend $1,000 for a paperback book.

So if you can afford it, if you're good enough, if you're classy enough, if you're special enough, buy it.

[Otherwise, email me and I'll still send you the PDF for free, 'cause we're stickin' it to the Man.]