Monday, January 5, 2009

the.effing.librarian podcast.

The Effing Librarian appears on the latest LISNews podcast.
  • SEE the story with the podcast contribution by the.effing.librarian.
  • DOWNLOAD the file and FF to the 15:10 mark. Then go back to the beginning and listen to the other stuff. But listen to me first!
  • HEAR the.effing.librarian in glorious monophonic sound. Do you recognize that voice? Is it a voice you could learn to love?
  • IGNORE the bored monotone delivery as this was the fifth attempt at recording very early in the morning, and I was probably eating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch as I spoke.
  • PURCHASE a copy of Fame and Fortune and Other F Words NOW, NOW, NOW! But buy it from here because I get more money.
I didn't realize how badly I sucked when I recorded that. But maybe that's what I always sound like. Maybe that was my best. You know how Garrison Keillor says he has a face for radio? Maybe the.effing.librarian has a voice for print.