Monday, December 15, 2008

Preverts in the Liberry.

LISNews was having a "discussion" (brawl) over a story about a librarian turning in a guy who was printing out images of child pornography.

Some librarians feel that the library is a safe haven for any and all informational pursuits and that monitoring patron activities violates some ethical code. Others think that if you witness something that appears to be a crime, you should do something about it even if it means spying on patron activities. Another group says to call the cops and let them deal with it.

It hasn't happened in my library, but I hope I would do the right thing. And by right thing, I mean call the cops before I hit the guy across the back of the head with the Manhattan phone book.

I know that hospitals are required by law to call the police to report gun shot wounds regardless of how the shooting occurred, whether by accident or Vice President, or on purpose (so it should be the rule for librarians to call the police when they see these crimes).

I know hospitals do this because my dog has shot me four different times. What made me get a Chimpandoodle, the only canine breed with opposable thumbs?