Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's here! The.Effing.Librarian in book form is here!

UPDATE! Due to underwhelming demand, Fame and Fortune and Other F Words is now priced at $1,000!

Your eyes did not lie. That's one THOUSAND dollars. (Yes, U.S. dollars.)

If you didn't want to buy it before, you, for damn sure, wouldn't want to buy it now. But no matter, the $1,000 edition isn't for you, anyway. The $1,000 edition is only for those who demand to pay as much as possible for ordinary items. It's for people who purchased the $1,000 iPhone app, "I Am Rich." It's for people who tip the valet $100.

So, no, the $1,000 edition of Fame and Fortune and Other F Words is not for you. I thought it was for you, so I priced it accordingly, but now I realize I was wrong. The $1,000 edition is for people who need to spend $1,000 on a paperback book.

So buy it if you can afford it, if you're good enough, if you're classy, if you're special. Otherwise, email me and I'll still send you the PDF for free.

(Also, I'd like to have a Kindle version, but Amazon expects me to tell them my real name, so that probably isn't happening.)

Buy it now! Buy it now! Buy it now! Buy it now! Buy it now! Buy it now!

Filled with over 300 pages of effing goodness, the blog you love to read for free is now available in the dead tree format for $15.95 $1,000.

$15.95 $1,000? Is that all? For something I can get totally free otherwise? Wow, that's a bargain.

Edited very poorly by me, and quite possibly violating the copyrights of dozens of individuals and corporations, the.effing.librarian book is now ready for human consumption in a handy 5.25" x 8" format. Hold the.effing.librarian in your hands. Take the.effing.librarian to bed. Burn the.effing.librarian in a festive fire and get those chestnuts roasting.

Click the link below to read a sample of what you get:

Fame and Fortune and Other F Words_sample
Fame and Fortune a...
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Hooray! This is great day for humanity. Order now. Yes, now!

Oh, there's a thank you page, too:

Special Thanks to those who left comments on the blog during the first 90 days of the.effing.librarian because I needed the encouragement:

3goodrats (http://blog.threegoodrats.com/)
Christen (http://christenlynn.blogspot.com/)
Glen Gordon (http://paleoglot.blogspot.com/)
Jenn (http://genneaux.wordpress.com/)
Jessica (http://coollibrarianblog.blogspot.com/)
l.b. (http://onlyoneihave.blogspot.com/)
LisaC (http://lisa.exit81a.com/)
Monster Librarian (http://misadventuresofmonsterlibrary.blogspot.com/)
Vampire Librarian (http://vampirelibrarian.blogspot.com/)

...and if you really hate my blog, blame them.

And no, I don't expect anyone to actually buy a copy of this thing... but I expect every library school to buy one....

CRAP! I just realized that I should have thanked LISNews, too. Blake allowed me to post stuff on his blog which sent people back here. I didn't think about it because I was just counting comments here and not thinking about the world out there. Sorry about that. I'll put something in the next volume (yes, there will be a second volume next year because I have that much love to give). But thanks, LISNews!