Thursday, December 18, 2008

The best job. Ever.

THIS IS NOT A LIE: I'm a professionally trained brassiere fitter. I went to a class and everything, and I know sixty-one different ways to say boobies. Look, my certification is right here on my driver's license, right next to my "Awesomeness Donor" sticker. If I die, I have enough awesome to help ten regular people.

Just imagine the.effing.librarian, telling women he can help them find their correct bra size. And then having security eject him from Disneyland. Because you can't fondle women just because they sit in front of you on Space Mountain.

But there's a story at U.S.News & World Report about the best careers and librarian made the list. And there's some discussion about this on the various blogs.

Some have argued that library school is a huge waste of time and money for all sorts of reasons: we don't learn any useful, real world stuff; there are no jobs; and if we get one, we make very little money; and there are things done by people in the library bathrooms that would make even Will Rogers hate them.

But I'm glad I went to library school and have a library job. I have my job because I went (and graduated, as this "real" diploma proves). It's those first four years of college that didn't help.

If you tell anyone what you did in college for your four-year degree, they will nod and agree that it was a waste. I have a degree in literature and I sold bras for a living. My friend has degree in political science and he sells food products. My other friend has criminal something degree and he has a badge and carries a gun to work: well, two out of three.

So I appreciate that I was able to get that library degree. And that I have this job, even if it isn't perfect. But is it one of the best careers? Is it better than being a bra salesman? Not sure. I mean both jobs are quite a handful. (Rimshot! Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. I'm here all week.)