Monday, November 24, 2008

Text and the Single Girl.

MSNBC has a story on one women who was horrified to see her date text someone during dinner:

Megan Brinkman was initially psyched to (finally) be going on a formal date with a guy who politely asked her out. So during dinner, her jaw dropped when he began texting wildly.
[By Jasmin Aline Persch, Tues., Nov. 11, 2008]

Come on, this has been going on forever. On my first date with "Tom," a handsome Virginian and author of the Declaration of Independence, I recall that this happened, as I recorded it in my journal:

He retrieved a fresh quill from his coat and fashioned a nib with his penknife. Spots of ink appeared on the table as he removed the stopper from the inkwell which was also pulled from a coat pocket.
As he unrolled the fresh parchment to cover a substantial area of the dinner table, I began to feel a tremendous sense of foreboding as to how the evening might play out. Was that a shadow or a turn of his lip that altered his smile into that cruel appearance? Was he texting another?
Was it about me?

So since before the 1770's when I was a girl and up till now, men have always behaved rudely toward women. The only solution I can recommend is for revenge: if the relationship advances to the point where you become intimate ("shtupping"); when he is deeply involved in the moment, take out a book and begin to read. If he complains, just tell him, "Sorry, but this is a really good part. You just go ahead; you're not interrupting me."