Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am unable to continue.

It is unfortunate the I will no longer be able to continue delivering the.effing.librarian to you through this current blog format.

As you may or may not be aware, through various contractual agreements and product placements, I make about $126,000 a year from this blog. One hundred and twenty-six thousand dollars. And I have just been made aware, this is much, much, much too much money for a blog of this low quality.

So in order to continue producing this blog at the level at which you have become accustomed, I must reduce my revenue to something around, oh, nothing,... zero dollars, no money. Henceforth, I will write this blog for free.

I know this decision could give these posts greater value, being that I will earn nothing for producing the words you read, but I see this as a fair trade. I earn nothing, and you read something that is truly priceless.

It has been my pleasure to blog for you for what is probably a lot more money than you make at your library job. But now that I will earn nothing, won't it feel more like your time is worth it?