Sunday, October 5, 2008 I'm blogging at the mall...

my girlfriend is getting her hair cut and I' still have six months of free T-Mobile access that came with my XO laptop. it's really difficult to type on this tiny keyboard. I don't want to go back and fix the typos. but I do because you deserve only the best.
anyway, this is a huge pain in the ass, and people are wondering what the hell I'm doing on this tiny green toy.
I just had some tourists sitting next to me eating and talking in that way that only tourists seem to know how where every consonant threatens to launch food chunks onto my keyboard; they pretended to ignore my tiny computer, but I could tellthat had seen one on TV at one time and wanted desperately to tell me that they had. but i never looked up. as if what I was doing was going to save the world.

this is a truly depressing moment in the story of the.effing.librarian. I thought I would be cooler than this. but no, I'mm at the mall, blogging. I wpold delete this post, but the typing so very long that I can't bring myself to abandon it. but I'll ignore these last few typos to try to regain some little self-respect as annarchist.