Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wikipedia more popular than ever.

The publicity couldn't be this good if Wikipedia took some personal private photos (nekkid) that got leaked out to the web. Of if Wikipedia got caught having sex in a public restroom. Or if Wikipedia caused erections lasting four hours.

Some schools have banned Wikipedia.
"Greg Reihman, the Lehigh faculty development director, encourages students to use the Web site "to get a quick snapshot or an initial sense of views as they are commonly understood," according to university spokeswoman Dina Silver Pokedoff."
Poked what?
"Many students use Wikipedia because it's often one of the first Web sites to come up on search engines, according to Kris Dumschat, a high-school senior."

Dumb what? Is this a real story?

I don't think any school should ban Wikipedia. It's a good place to begin your research.
This story was not paid for by Wikipedia. But it was sponsored by Levitra, your four-hour miracle.