Wednesday, November 21, 2007

If I had to play this game to feed myself, I would die.

Play FreeRice to win rice and fight world hunger. I'll admit I'm terrible at this. I labor through Level 41 until I'm sent back to 38 or 39. I guess the point is to just keep playing, but failure is depressing, and I don't feel any smarter.
Can't they make a game where I shoot something to feed the hungry? Or I can buy a 3 lb. bag of rice for $1.27... can't I just send then a check for $50 so that I don't have to feel so stupid?????
Wait. Look at this: "According to Producer's Rice Mills, there are over 29,000 grains in a pound of long grain white rice. "
So I would need to play this game for, let's say you earn 4,000 grains per hour, over 7 hours to buy one pound of rice!!!??? And, again, you can buy one pound in the grocery store for 50¢ so I'm working at this game for 7¢ an hour????
Just write a check, already. Or play the game. Me, I'm donating some money online.

Here are some places that will help feed the hungry with your/my financial assistance.