Monday, October 29, 2007

Why the Internet sucks, part 1000

Ok. So here's me searching for Saw4 and code because I liked the first three Saw movies and I wanted to view the hidden "see what I see" clip from their website. And the first site in the Google list is, YouTube - SAW 4 CODE CRACKED ON WEBSITE! And I thought, cool, now I'll see the hidden video.

Now before you watch this video, don't. Don't watch it unless you want more evidence that the Internet is just a huge waste of time because some of the people who use it are morons. If you just want to see the hidden video on the Saw 4 site, click this link and enter 1026 by clicking the number pad on the screen.

(embed deleted because I was tired of looking at it here, but you can copy/paste this: )

I think it took me 26 words to tell you how to view the hidden video. The completely pointless video here, takes about 5 minutes to do the same thing. What's really funny is that the kid who posted this video could probably hack my entire life in 22 seconds and steal every penny out of my bank account, but he doesn't seem to understand even basic communication skills. Like remember some of the early PowerPoint presentations you saw where the presenter had bullets flying in from every corner of the screen and letters rained down from the ceiling? Some people pursue technology for its own sake; they'll burn 1,000 trees to send one text message.

All I wanted was the code, not a five minute step by step procedure for looking at a web site.