Monday, October 29, 2007


Get yer ya-yas out boys and girls, somebody did some math.

Real World Finances and our "Free" Public Library

1. I've been borrowing your DVD's so often lately that I haven't had to actually pay for a rental in well over a year. If I were to subscribe to Blockbusters Online at $17.95/mo., I would have paid over $215 for the year (so the library provides $129.67 in savings).
3. I have not bought a new CD in years now that I can borrow them from the library and utilize your on-line music and audio book downloads. If I just bought just one CD each month at a cost of $14.62 (the avg. price in 2001) I would have spent $175.44 (equating to a $90.11 savings).
Clearly, the list could go on and on. From a pure financial viewpoint, I think the new library is well worth the meager investment we are all contributing since I've only named just a few of the services we've utilized and can quantify.

I wish more people would add up their savings by using their libraries. And more libraries should customize this form and post it on their websites to help their residents do the math.

Sorry for the overreaction.