Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We can't interlibrary loan those videos, but...

Okay. I can't resist this story.

I've always been fascinated with hiding things in books, and I always get a kick out of seeing the old gun-in-the-Bible trick in movies: Oh, before you arrest me sheriff and drag me to prison, can I just get my old family Bible? Bang!

And if there's one thing I need to do before I die, it's to hollow out a book of my own and use it to conceal something dangerous. Maybe I'll hollow out a book about guns and use it to conceal a Bible... nah, that's not dangerous; that sounds like art.

But here are a couple of people who used books to distribute drugs in prison.

Drugs turned up in the spines of some books or in the shipping cartons,
spokeswoman Kathy Colvin told The Associated Press.

Some people think it's bad enough that books contain ideas.
Wright, working in the unit's education department, had meth smuggled in using
the Inter-Library Loan Program, prosecutors said.

Meth through interlibrary loan? Hell, I couldn't even get a copy of Dori Stories through my library, who'da thunk I could get crank stuffed into the spine of my book?

And since we're on the subject of stuffing things inside things, guess who's back in the news...