Monday, August 27, 2007

Interesting Facts from the Survey of the Blogowhatsit 2007

I don't have the credentials to conduct a survey that would get back any results other than "go eff yourself."

But Meredith Farkas conducted a thorough survey and I can offer you some of the revealing data, as I interpret it.

  1. 37% of you pronounce it "blarg" not "blog," although the true pronunciation is "chumba-wumba."

  2. 64% of you blog anonymously while 36% use your real names but wear a disguise: 33% choose a false mustache; 10%, large hat and dark glasses; 7%, Lord Voldemort mask; 50%, leather hood.

  3. Most bloggers were born in the Year of the Ox. Yeah, get out those calculators.

  4. 29% of bloggers have missed an important event due to blogging: 15% of men blogged through the birth of their child as did 6% of women.

  5. 99% of you blog naked.

I hope this has sated your info-lust for your fellow bloggers. Now put some pants on.