Friday, July 27, 2007

Is there anybody in there?

pic at left is my avatar (pixelated to protect it's identity) in Kevin Smith's (Warlock) lair in Second Life

The last time I was in Second Life, I went to the Live Free or Die Hard property because the movie had just opened that week and I was confident that "people" would be there. But nobody was there.
Well, not nobody, a female avatar sat quietly as if she had been stood by her date. My avatar wanted to console her but couldn't (no matter how many times I pressed /me), as those advancements in AI were years away. Some day, young avatar, we will meet again. Some day.
I've been telling people for the last six months that nothing happens there, but thankfully Wired magazine has reported the lack of human participation at Second Life, so now it's official.

But don't get me wrong, I'm going back. When things get crazy at work, it's the one place I can go to get some peace and quiet.