Sunday, July 29, 2007

this is cool.. yeah

Maybe you noticed the new banner image here at the.effing.librarian.
Staff at Effing Labs have been blasting underachieving high school students with gamma rays in an attempt to waste taxpayer money or possibly create a sensitive yet tortured superhero (we forget).

But after months of that, while typing a condolence letters (one of many, gamma rays and teens? who'da thunk?) to a parent, we accidentally discovered a completely awesome use for WordPerfect.

A lot of people have given up on WordPerfect. But it (I have ver. 12 for Windows) has one of the coolest 3D text editing features called TextArt. Here are some samples:

How to do it:
Use your standard fonts or go to AcidFonts or wherever you like and download your cool fonts. Then open a blank document. Go to Insert : Graphics : TextArt.

Play around with all the settings because they're pretty cool. But be careful with the 3D mode because it needs lots of memory.

Once you have something you want to use for your document or web site, you close the TextArt box and check your results. If all you want is something for a document, then you're done. Treat the TextArt as any other image. But if you want to use it for a web page or for your blog, select the image and go to Edit : Copy.

Now you can open some editing program like Paint or Irfanview or the Gimp (I used Irfanview) and paste the image. When you save it as a .gif image you can set a transparent color for the background which (yeah, I'm not a graphic designer) removes that big rectangle thingy from around your text. Now you can upload the image as needed.

Now, if you'll excuse me...letters...