Friday, August 27, 2010

Win me some crap.

You probably already do, but if not, subscribe to Unshelved so I can get some free crap.

"From today through the end of September, if you can get seven (7) new people to subscribe to Unshelved we'll send you a thank-you postcard with a character of your choice drawn by Bill, and signed by Bill and Gene, suitable for hanging in your workplace..."

So if you subscribe through email, Facebook or RSS, I can email them and win free crap. Or I can email them anyway and say that you subscribed. But then you would make me into a liar, some dirty, stinking liar. Shame on you.

So don't make me lie to Bill and Gene because Gene might cry. But Bill would hunt you down and kick your ass. So hurry up and do it because I've already given them your email address and told them that you did it already... yes, I know your email address. All of them. And your phone number. And what color underpants you're wearing... it's Friday, so that would be "none color."