Friday, August 27, 2010

The essential third.

So the news is that the majority of people don't use libraries.
"Almost two third of Britons have not set foot in a library in the last year, new figures have disclosed."

And "Studies suggest that fewer than a third of Americans visit their local library at least once a month, and fewer than half went in the last year."
So between the U.S. and the UK, only about one-third of the (adult) residents use libraries. But is this a reason to reduce public funding for libraries? Really? You said, Yes?

We just held some primary elections where voter turnout is typically around 30%. But yet we continue to hold these elections. Why not just let everyone run during one election that decides the winners? Why eliminate some losers early? So the big political parties can spend all their money pushing one candidate? So in place of a full smorgasbord of candidates, we get stuck with chicken or fish? What if I want the kosher, vegan, halal or bacon lover's meal?

So some people conclude that it's not worth paying for libraries because most people don't use them or because they themselves don't use them.

Well, here are some things that I haven't been using lately that I don't think I should have to pay for:

I haven't eaten an egg, so I don't care if the rest of you all die from the bad ones. I haven't requested the services of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard. I haven't been swimming, so I don't need lifeguards. I'm pretty much going to die some day anyway, so I don't need universal health care. I haven't used the airport, the police or fire department all year. I don't use the schools or day care. I haven't been to a National Park or monument. We haven't had a tornado or hurricane, so I don't need the National Weather Service. I don't need the EPA, the FDA, the FTC or the FCC because I can't think of one thing any of them have done for me lately. And the Supreme Court still won't let me marry who I want.

I could argue why libraries are necessary, but you won't listen. So let's all just decide to pay for nothing because that's what you want. But just know that when you do need help, that's when you'll really pay.