Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day! Yikes!

I never knew it costs so much to be Canadian. I know about (aboot) books where the publisher might print "USA $24.99" and then "Canada $165.27" for that erroneous belief that Canadian money is made from ice.

But I just saw a story about all the taxes Canadians pay: HST, PST, GST, which I don't know what any of that is.

But they pay 13% tax on Internet access. How will Canada compete in the global race to grow fake fruits and vegetables if they can't afford Facebook?

And 13% on Cigarettes. Okay, I understand that. But they also pay 13% on Nicotine replacement products. So there's no tax advantage for quitting smoking?

13% to keep warm, to remove snow, to fix your home, to stay in a hotel, to ride in a cab, to camp, to join a gym, to learn to fight, the get pedicures, massages and haircuts...

The way that Canada is taxing its people, you might expect all Canadians to emigrate to America. Well, if you do, our national day of celebration for colony unification is only 3 days away from yours, so if you start celebrating early, nobody here will notice.

Happy Canada Day. And sorry.