Monday, May 17, 2010

Where's the app for this?

From the Seattle Times:

Rave: For Seattle Public Library librarians. At the Wallingford Library my 3-year-old and I recounted the story from a book whose title we couldn't remember. The librarian didn't know, but she got us on the phone to the specialist at the Lake City Library, who listened to our story and said she'd try to find out. Within 30 minutes she called with the title and told me she requested it sent to our local branch. Thank you, Nancy and Elizabeth and all the librarians; you rock!
So there's an app (or several) that lets you hold your phone up to any song to find out what it is, but where is the app that let's you describe a book in your usual vague terms like, it had a man on the cover who was holding fire in his hand and it was brown and one of the warrior was Shandor or Totan and it was about how to buys homes in a down market or wind surfing or magical rings, but it was really good?

In this case, the app was called the librarian.

Now when I watch TV and I see a doctor or lawyer, and I listen to what is happening, more and more, I hear the hidden librarian in each situation.

The doctor says to the patient, "You mentioned your symptoms and we ran some tests, and based on those results I can suggest several treatment options": Librarian.

The attorney says to the client, "I've heard the facts and I think we have a case. But there are a few things you will need to do": Librarian.

Doctors and lawyers don't seem to work magic anymore. If you have enough money or can stay alive long enough, they just might be able to help. These modern professionals don't even have absolute answers. They require lots of feedback to perform.

So like doctors or lawyers, librarians are professionals, but since we never demand huge sums of money for our services, our profession lacks the respect associated with them. We also don't keep your ass out of jail or save your life from cancer. But we'll get you first available copy of The Help, as long as another librarian doesn't want it first and bumps you from the top of the list.

Otherwise, exactly the same. Exactly.