Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The CRAP Solution.

In April 2010, the Library of Congress announced that it will be archiving the entire history of Twitter. Many believed that James H. Billington, the current Librarian of Congress was high. Really, really high. Like at a Jethro Tull concert high.

But the Library of Congress never had any intention of storing all those inane tweets, especially any about Justin Beebaboody, or whatever the hell his name is.

The reason the Library wants the tweets is for National Security.

This news story says, "The United States is losing enough data in cyber attacks to fill the Library of Congress many times over..." to spies.

Spies. Back in the pre-innernets days, spies had to travel to steal American secrets. They had to learn English and get jobs in secure locations and learn about baseball. One mistake about Sandy Koufax's ERA could blow your cover and put you back on the first submarine to Siberia.

But today everything is done online and twelve-year-old kids are stealing our nation's secrets. This is where Twitter and the CRAP Solution fits in.

The CRAP Solution or the Cyber-Redundancy Automated Protocol Solution is to disguise America's useful data by surrounding it with crap.

When the Library of Congress acquires all the tweets, they won't go into storage awaiting future researchers; no, they will be used as the batter in our CRAP dessert. Then the various governmental agencies with real secrets will hide that data within.

Cool idea, huh. You can thank Justin Barbaby.