Monday, April 26, 2010

Gorilla Toy FAIL.

I got this "Safari Explore" sound animal from the dollar crap section at Target last year.

And as you can see in the video, they designed the gorilla toy with the sound chip in his butt. And you need to push in a plunger/button to activate the sound. Again, in the gorilla's butt.

And then, King Kong, and yes, I know for legal reasons that the gorilla is not King Kong, but this is the only way I can rectify, in my mind, what sound the gorilla's butt produces. Because it sounds like Godzilla. Again, deep inside the gorilla's butt, so I'm unsure why a Godzilla sound would be coming from there.

I've never had anyone stick a finger in my butt since I was a(n) _____ _____ (insert boyhood activity here for hilarious results, but the current popular choice is "altar boy"), so I don't know what sound I would make when it happens. The Godzilla sound is probably close.

I'm pretty sure this is Godzilla. To compare the sounds, here is a link to Godzilla asking why he's not allowed in the teen area of the library to browse the paperbacks... And just so you know, our official library response is always, "Bring in your son next time and you will both be welcome to browse in the teen area. But Godzilla, as an adult, you cannot be in the teen area by yourself even though you really really really love Stephenie Meyer. I'm sorry."

If you are going to look for this toy, I bought this last year, so they are probably gone. But it was made by Boley Corp., "Where the action is." The gorilla wore a little tag that read, "Push button for try me." (That is not a typo on my part.) The tag also included a long explanation about FCC regulations and electronic interference and how this toy is in compliance. I'm not sure why it was required. Although when I pressed the butt-button for my grandpa, his pacemaker shorted out and he died.