Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I mentioned a while back that Salem Press is hosting some Library Blog Awards and that this place was nominated as an awesome blog. Well, I got my second email that asked me to answer a few questions about the authorship and purpose of the blog.

Here are the questions and my answers:

1) Is your blog the work of one person or a collaboration?

One person. I don't think I would post most of what appears on my blog if there were someone to stop me.

2) Would you consider it, primarily, a school, academic or public library focused blog? Or some combination of the above? Please explain.

I mostly write about public libraries, but also general library issues. And lots of times it's the result of mixing pain killers and cobra venom.

3) If you were forced to select one or two subject areas you are most involved with, which of the following would you select? (Please "X" your selections):
[ ] Reviews
[ ] Personal anecdotes
[ ] Personal expression
[ X ] Humor
[ ] Technology
[ ] Marketing / Public Relations
[ ] Copyright
[ ] Cataloging
[ ] Self-improvement
[ ] Literacy
[ X ] General library issues
[ ] Local events and issues
[ ] Other(s): _________________________________________________________________

4) Is your blog intended for librarians, students, teachers, or patrons? A combination?

It's really only intended for me. I often just try to amuse myself, but any other drunkards and the insane are welcome.

5) Do you think of your blog as a collection of things found elsewhere (news, content from other blogs, videos, information of use or interest that you didn’t create, etc.) or mostly original writing?

I think most of it is original: my responses to news or other library writing. Or stuff I made up and pretend is real news and then my responses to that.

Would you please describe your blog, in 50 words or less? (50 words or more?)

the.effing.librarian is an extremely important library blog. If you don't already know about it, you don't deserve to know. No, you can't go there now, it's too late for you. Don't beg.

Is your blog copyrighted or is it covered by the Creative Commons copyrights?

Really? Does my writing deserve copyright protection? I have my own copyright notice at the bottom of my blog. I don't understand CC enough to pick any of those attributions, so I created my own notice: "you know everything on these pages is protected. if you want to use my stuff, ask for permission, or tell me you're doing it, or show some other consideration. don't make me come find you. because I'm old, and I don't move so fast... (yes, this is a legal notice, I swear)."

I hope I win. Except regarding those of you who are also nominated for best blog: I hope YOU win.