Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fartter, Tooter or Twitter?

When I thought of Fartter, which was Twitter for your farts, I didn't even think of using the name Tooter. But here is Ashton Kutcher on SNL promoting his new (fake) social networking service, Tooter:

But my joke was for Fartter. In some ways I like my gag better, but Ashton's has the advantage of money and talented people to help. I think I came up with my idea after I farted in a library staff meeting. But I blamed it on a snoozing co-worker, so it all worked out.

At the time there was no real, but now I see there is one:
Domain Name: FARTTER.COM
Created on: 27-Apr-09
And it took a whole year for someone to buy that domain after I made it up. I'd hoped my blog was more influential than that, darn it.