Sunday, October 11, 2009

Librarian tricked in Uganda

In a sad story from Uganda, Anita was told "by an education advisor" that her Bachelor in Library and Information Science degree was marketable, but has found out that most employers continue to view her only as a librarian.

"It’s not that I have anything against librarians..." said the unfortunately unemployable Anita, "but what I studied meant that I was equipped with knowledge to deal with record handling on a large scale."

Anita has found out what the rest of us in America already know, that emails from Nigerian princes attempting to reclaim fortunes, or from Ugandan "education advisors" pushing library degrees, are just scams out to rip off your money. I know I regret the day I opened that email message about the "librarian shortage" promising limitless growth for library jobs far into the future.

Her parents are desperate to get the unemployed librarian out their home and have been trying to get her married off. The parents of the.effing.librarian know that feeling. Not only did they sell the Ford Fairmont to pay for his library degree, they later had to pay for the seemingly endless electrolysis to make him presentable to the opposite sex. What that was, they were no longer sure. Now the.effing.librarian is fully employed and free of his unibrow and back hair, but sadly ladies, still single.