Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Librarian Organalassdats.

So I see this tweet:

@libraryfuture Proposed new name for SLA ! - Association for Strategic Knowledge Professionals ASKPro #SLA #librarians

So it's not Organalassdat. Nor Anal Rapist.

But I took another look at Organalassdat and noticed that it says, "Organa," which is Princess Leia's adopted last name (since she was originally, at least since SW:RoTJ, Luke's sister... which made everyone feel really creepy about the way Luke felt about her back in SW:ANH).

So that makes Organa Lass Dat. Which could be OrganaLass(dot)com. And I see that nobody owns Maybe that could be a thing for a chick who digs Star Wars. Maybe. Just thinking. But who says, "lass" anymore?